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The duration of this course is 75 mins (this is the running time of the video content that will be shown in the video and has been rounded off. This time doesn’t include the loading time of the video or the thinking time that you would require for solving the questions).

All the modules in this course are the same as the ones in Asbestos Awareness. The only difference is that it has an additional module which designed specifically for architects and designers. This module gives them a complete overview of legislations and precautions regarding asbestos that comes in the work of architects and designers.

The course consists of five different modules with questions at the end of each module. Before the final submission of the answers, you will have a chance to review them and you can attempt every module three times to score the maximum pass rate of 100%.


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Asbestos is considered to be one of the most dangerous building materials ever used. Till 2000 this killer material was used unregulated by the majority of construction companies. Because of this unregulated use, thousands of workers fell ill and died every year. 

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 was the first major step towards the safe use of asbestos. This regulation applies to all the workers, employers and employees who are related to working with asbestos in any way. According to the 10th regulation in CAR, every employer must make sure that employees who are exposed to asbestos have the proper instructions and training to deal with the material safely. This also includes maintenance workers who might come into contact with asbestos.

Online Asbestos Awareness  Training for Architects & Designers

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Online Asbestos Awareness  Training for Architects & Designers

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