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Online Level 2 Food Safety Training - Manufacturing

The duration of this course is 75 mins (this is the running time of the video content that will be shown in the video and has been rounded off. This time doesn’t include the loading time of the video or the thinking time that you would require for solving the questions).

The level 2 food safety course is designed for people who are working in catering, manufacturing or retail environment. These employees are directly responsible for the places in which food is prepared, cooked, packed or handled. They must have detailed knowledge of the food safety regulations and the importance of following these rules. This course is designed for people that are working in pubs, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, food and drink manufacturers, hospitals and care homes.

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There are a number of different obligations and set of regulations set by both European Union and the UK that must be followed by any company that is in the food business. These food handling companies and their employees are legally obliged to follow and implement these rules and regulations in their workspace. They must make sure that the food they are preparing, selling or serving is absolutely safe for human consumption. If these rules are not followed and the food is exposed to different contaminations the resulting consequences can be fatal. By training your employees through our course you can make sure that they are well aware of these food safety regulations and about the consequences of not following these rules. These courses also cover the sections in which actual causes of food safety risks and their prevention and control is discussed.

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