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This course is specially designed for people who are responsible for caring for adults or come in contact with them during the course of their work. They can either be doing this job professionally or just as a volunteer. The people who usually work with adults work at domiciliary care, old homes, community centers, prisons, or they can also be responsible for any adult who is present at their home. One of the key factors that you have to keep in mind while working with adults regardless of the place you are working in is that they are not neglected their basic human rights and given proper love and care. 

This course will make sure that you know what the necessary steps are that can ensure the protection of adults that are under your care and how can you support and encourage them to live an empowered life that they are in control of. The course will show a guideline that you and the organization that you are working for can follow to ensure that the adults that in your supervision feel that they are supported by still in charge of their lives. In the course, we will show you facts and figures about the risks that adults might face and the abuses that they might suffer through in their lives. After taking this course, you will have a better understanding of the ten different types of abuses that vulnerable adults might suffer through. Not only will you be able to identify these abuses you will know the course of action and the laws and principles that must be followed in order to stop this abuse from happening. You will be able to play your role in a better way in the lives of these adults by empowering and supporting them in the vulnerable time of their lives.

One Day Courses - SafeGuarding Adults

Safeguarding Adults - Online Training

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Safeguarding Adults - Online Training

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