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The duration of this course is 75 mins (this is the running time of the video content that will be shown in the video and has been rounded off. This time doesn’t include the loading time of the video or the thinking time that you would require for solving the questions).Safeguarding basically means to ensure that no individual is vulnerable to any type of injustice in their basic human rights. 

This specific course is designed for people who work in the environment where they frequently come in contact with children or they have a duty to care for children. We now live in a society where most of the kids are brought up in homes and have the comfortable, loving and nurturing environment. These kids grow up to be an integral part of the society and lead happy and satisfied life. But there are anomalies and there are some cases in which the kids are deprived of their basic human rights. The basic aim of this course is to identify and pay attention to such cases. The course comprises of facts and figures that give us a detailed and in-depth analysis of risks that the children are surrounded by. It also sheds light on different types of abuses that children might suffer and how to recognize the signs of these abuses.  When you are able to recognize these signs, you will know what to do next in order to help that child. We will tell you the correct procedure and the steps that must be taken to report the abuse.

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Safeguarding Children - Online Training

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Safeguarding Children - Online Training

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